Down The Dirt Road And Over The Hill

"Down The Dirt Road And Over The Hill" is an ongoing photographic series focused on landfills and the processes that occur in these ignored places that humans depend upon to swallow up the leftovers of their everyday choices. I remember taking many trips as a child to the local landfill in the nearby city to drop off old, unused and/or broken items too large to fit in the kitchen waste bin of  my home. During these visits, I often wondered where the trash originated, and what happened to it after being dumped. Did the waste stay there, piled up, smushed and twisted till the end of time? Was any of it going to be used again? Furthermore, I wondered whether landfills  are good for the environment, or are these sites causing more pollution? After all, thousands of massive holes in the earth overflowing with trash cannot be all good, right? Well, there is a fine line that must be considered and thoroughly investigated.  

In this series, the pros and cons of landfills and the many processes that take place at these sites are explored. I aim to not only answer the many questions I had as a child regarding these places, but also to raise new questions about mass consumption and to educate others about conscious consuming.