Hal & Wayne: A Day Spent With A Father And Son

Growing up in a rural town filled with hard working people that found their niche in the backdrop of North Carolina's countryside has instilled within me an unparalleled connection and interest towards the working class. This project started as a simple 'explore town until you find something interesting to work with' to an incredible experience of meeting two people: A father named Wayne and a son named Hal.

Wayne is a hard workingman who can fix practically anything he can get his hands on. The multiple vehicles and various machinery that patterned his environment screamed of a conscientious man who persisted on doing his best. His son Hal was quiet, but nonetheless seemed to share the hard working qualities of his father. Hal is a veteran who has served overseas for the United States Military. I was honored to also meet their horses and Hal's pride and joy—a trained attack dog he brought home from Europe.